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Chadwick C Prodromos, M.D.

Chadwick C Prodromos, M.D.

Medical Director and CEO The Prodromos Stem Cell Institute
Medical Director, The Foundation for Orthopaedics and Regenerative Medicine

The PSCI team is headed by Chadwick C. Prodromos MD.  Dr. Prodromos is an international leader in the use of stem cell and platelet rich plasma treatment.  He is medical director of “The FOREM” – the foundation for orthopedics and regenerative medicine which supports the numerous ongoing prospective studies of the more than 3500 biologic treatments he has performed with its full and part time research staff.  This studying and continued follow-up of all treated patients separates the PSCI from other clinics which do not bring this level of scientific rigor to their work.

Dr. Prodromos obtained his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, his M.D. degree from the Johns Hopkins medical school, his surgical internship at University of Chicago, his orthopedic surgery residency at Rush, and his orthopedic and sports medicine Fellowship at the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.  He served as assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Rush University, where he still performs research and surgery, before recently stepping back from the active medical staff to focus on regenerative medicine. He was recently named to be one of seven founding co-members of the American College of Regenerative Medicine.

Chadwick C Prodromos, M.D.
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